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Have you ever felt locked out? Blocked. As if the key to your freedom was thrown overboard into the depths of the ocean. As you watch it sink, you know that at this point nothing can save you. Your fate is sealed. 

But, in the back of your mind buried under fear, doubt, confusion and distrust, there is a man they call Jesus. It is said He can unlock doors and break chains; it is said He can lift burdens and change lives. 

Well, where is He? I don’t see Him here. I don’t feel Him here. Am I locked out, or is He? 

God Locked Out tells the story of Danielle Manley, a woman who experienced 28 years of total and complete lockout. She was a cop locked out. A wife locked out. A daughter, sister, friend, even a borderline alcoholic all locked out. Until one day the hand of God reached to the very bottom of the sea’s floor! He pin pointed the very key that locked her away and opened areas of her life she didn’t even know were shut! 

Like Danielle, you too may need a key. Many people will be able to relate to one person’s story, which involves domestic violence, drug addiction, abortion, divorce, and long lines of generational curses set over her life even before her first breath. 

Ironically, it took a stranger’s last breath for Danielle to open her eyes and see her healing was within her grasp. 

Only God could have unlocked THIS DOOR! 

Are you ready? Open the book. Unlock the door!

"God Locked Out" By: Danielle Tashae Manley

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