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Founder of LoveBillboard

Hey Loves, I’m Danielle...

The owner and creator of Lovebillboard. My passion is and has always been to encourage, inspire and help others overcome the challenges of life. Because we all know life can get tough. Nevertheless, Lovebillboard started out of a depression I was experiencing. As I was praying to God for a sign, like a literal sign that everything would be okay. I began to notice random billboards on my everyday commute that would deeply encourage my heart with their quotes to simply lean on and trust God. It was just what I needed to keep going! Then God spoke to me and said: Danielle, I want you to turn people into walking billboards of love, faith and hope. Just as those signs encouraged you, there are others that need it too. And so Lovebillboard was born and now there are thousands of you walking around with powerful quotes on your shirts that touch hearts or plant seeds with every eye you pass! Thank you for being BOLD and a true walking BILLBOARD!

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