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Founder of LoveBillboard

If you know anything about Danielle you know she is all about LOVE! Danielle has made her mark on the City of Atlanta as a former Atlanta Police Officer where she served for over 8 years. Danielle is also not quiet about sharing her faith boldly all over the world via social media, speaking engagements and YouTube. Danielle's passion is and has always been to encourage, inspire and help others overcome the challenges of life. She initially did this as a police officer, but now she ultimately accomplishes this by pointing them to Jesus! Today, you can catch Danielle preaching God's Word.....everywhere! And LoveBillboard is another platform to do just that. LoveBillboard is not just an apparel company. It is a mission to turn ordinary people into extraordinary walking billboards of faith, hope, and you guessed it....LOVE! As you wear your Lovebillboard apparel and personally identify with its quotes, you will be overwhelmed by the discovery of how so
many others need that same message and assisting Danielle in her efforts to
spread "The Good News". Imagine how you will instantly become a  messenger without saying one word.
Atleast at first! They are great conversation starters. Have fun, look good and share the faith.

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